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NO SAMPLES  or demos of products will be accepted only if pay to have your sample reviewed.

Coupons and Freebies in TX was started by Kassie Buck., a college student who wanted to save others money no matter who they where, I knew that that with the economy being so bad she wanted to help others. So as she grew she started to wanted to help others learn about everyday products they could use in there home so she started to do reviews of products for companies and love how it gives Kassie and fans new knowledge of products.
Coupons and Freebies is on her 3rd year of blogging, also she is  great college student planning for a wedding in the next year of her life. Then to finish college. She and her team love to show fans and how I get to help them and could not ask for a better way to work while she is in school. She  PR Friendly blog that love to help other companies grow. She and her team can do reviews, articles, advertisement for your site and more. She and her team also can do all of the above for a local company, She and her team are right between Austin and San Antonio so I can do both markets easily. She and her team have great relationship with my past review companies and you can always find my reviews her on my website. My email address is

Current Stats/Outreach – Updated 10/1/14

Monthly Page Views: 300,000+
Facebook: 39,000 Fans
Twitter: 14,000 Followers
Feed Burner: 1200+ subscribers
Alexa Rating US: 15,755
Google Page Rank: 2


If you or your company is interested in a review, advertisement and article please feel free to email me and I will get back with you in a timely manner. Also reviews can take 4-8 weeks to review depending my review load, if you would like done in time period please make sure you discuss that with me via email.


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  1. Hi Cassie, Congrats on your hard work!!

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