Halloween Buying Guide has put together a Halloween
buying guide to help shoppers find great deals on all their Halloween needs.
My favorite thing so far has been the dog costumes As we don’t
have a kid yet but we love to dress up our dog.
This year he decided to be Superman.  PLUS when
he wears he gets a lot more attention and keeps him warm
on these fall nights rolling in.


The second best thing I found was some Pennywise
light makers.  My niece loves clowns and
everytime we see Pennywise she ask for.
There are perfect as we have a walking path up to our
door.  I am going to ask her  Wednesday
if she thinks we should get.


So lately what are you going to be for Halloween
or what will you kid or kids be?  Look below for more
of what is included in the buying guide.

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