P&G Catalina BIG News 2019

Sorry to be the person to tell you this.



So I just got news about the P&G Catalina coming back 
on 2/26.


It sounds all great till I looked at it and noticed a BIG change.
It is now SPEND $40 to get your $10.00 Catalina.
I don’t know why they did this, I am kind of upset to be honest.
They limit the coupons to 1 or 2 and then now we have to spend more
MONEY to get the Catalina.  I don’t know how many plans I will have this
time because of the change.



The Catalina does start on Wednesday 2/26
thru 3/12.  It is before ANY coupons you must
spend the $40.   Also you can’t use the Catalina till 3/13.


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