Ohio Fire Pit Review (amazing for fall)

Today people are looking to spend more time as a family outdoors. Or even having friends over for fun outside. Grilling, chilling and just plain enjoying each others company. I was given the chance to try out something that is perfect for such occasions.
Its called the Patriot Fire Pit by Ohio Flame. Basically its a fire pit made here in America from a high carbon steel to last a life time. Its very thick and durable. I love how it provides a safe burning area for us to enjoy an open flame any time we want. It also has a nice hole in the bottom so if we forget it outside and it rains, the water won’t stay stagnant in the bottom. This is great since standing water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes. And if for any reason something does happen to it, it comes with a lifetime warranty.
We can use it for a family gathering day or night. I prefer lighting it up as the sun goes down and the cooler temperatures come in. It provides that soft warmth while we hang out and have fun. And its so stylish compared to your average burn barrel or other types of fire pits. Sleek and round and easy to move to another spot.

They are built by locals here in the US. Why is this something important that I think should be considered? When you buy something made here by people that live here in America, you boost the American economy. You also can trust that its more likely to last than something imported.

It comes ready to use. No need to read instructions and put it together. They ship it for FREE to anywhere in the continental United States and will even provide a free liftgate service on anything purchased that weighs 120+lbs.
Did I also mention that anywhere (besides Ohio) gets no added sales tax to their orders?

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  1. I can’t wait to show my husband about this and if he likes I know what we will be getting for xmas

  2. I think this would be great for when I get a house of my own. We don’t really have a designated outdoor space right now, but I will definitely keep this in mind! Thanks :)

  3. This is a great idea on how to spend more quality family time together outdoors! Thanks for the post…I’m thinking Christmas! :)

  4. I love the idea of a fire pit and have always wanted me….but here in Colorado with all of the wildfires, I am scared to death to use one.


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