How to Save 50% on School Supplies at HEB!!


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Starting next week at HEB if you buy $20 in school supplies you will get a $10 coupon from the Catalina machine.  The coupon WON’T be able to be used right away or you can’t roll.  

Here are some of the prices at HEB on school supplies so you can make a list and be READY!!  NOTE** You need to buy $45 dollars in school supplies YOU MUST do 2 transactions or you won’t get 2 Catalina Coupons.  

60cents for 12pk of GTC pencils
10pk of Crayola Makers for $2.94
HEB Colored Pencils for 77cents
3prong 2 pocket folders .15cents each (limit 12)
2 Elmer Glue Sticks .50cents
Elmer School Glue Bottles 50cents
HEB Buddy Glue bottles for 44cents each (limit 6)
1 Subject wide ruled notebook 88cents
70 sheet spiral notebook 25cents (limit 12)
150 sheet wide or college ruled paper 82cents each
HEB  24pk for Crayons for .25cents (limit 6)
24pk of Crayola crayons 50cents each
Composition Books 50cents each (limit 6)
GTC Vinyal Binder 1″ 92cents each
HEB Buddy Pencil Sharpener 87cent each

Thank you reader, Cindy C for the picture!

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  1. Just wondering if I were to use my partner perks card from heb to save 10% on supplies will I still get my $10 Catalina ?


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