How to Roast Hatch Peppers



You need to wash the chiles and wash off any dirt.
Place the chilis on a cookie sheet. You can keep the chiles close together so don’t worry if they are touching. Not overlapping.
Turn you oven turn your broiler to high and move your oven rack up to the second to the highest spot.  Place your chilies and and then will watch them till they start to look black and blistered on the top.
Once they are ready remove the peppers, flip and add back to the oven and broil until the other side is black and blistered.
Once your peppers are blackened add them to a large ziploc baggies. Seal and let sit for about 30 minutes to steam.  Don’t  wont’ ruin the bag I have done this many times.
Remove the peppers from the bag after 30 minutes and peel off the skin. It should come off fairly easy.
Once all the peppers have been peeled cut them down the middle and scrape out the seeds.
After all the seeds have been removed you can cut off the tops and either store your chiles in the fridge (or freezer) whole or diced.

The peppers will stay fresh in the fridge for about a week or the freezer for 4 months.


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