31 Deals Under $1.00 for Walgreen’s Back to School 8/2

Walgreen’s Back to School 8/2 Deals

.29cents for Paper Mate Eagle Ballpoint Pens, 10 ct
.99cents for Crayola Makers Classic
.99cents for 12 pk of Crayola Colored Pencils
Bic Pens Atlantis are 2 for 3 but we are gettign a $1.00 off in the Sunday Paper making $1 each
Wexford Mini Compotion Boos or Memo Books will be 6 for $1.00
Wexford 2 Pocket Poly Folers are 3 for $1.00
Wexford Mini Highlighters, 2 pocket folers with prongs is 7 for $1.00
Wexford 2 Pocket Poly Folers are 3 for $1.00
Wexford Erasers, Cap 15 pk or Pink 2 pk 4 for $1.00
.39cents for Wexford Compass
.39cents for Wexford Sharpener
.39cents for Wexford Glue Ticks or School
.49cents for Wexford School Index Dividers 5 pk
.49cents for Sheet Protectors 10 pk
.99cents for the Sharpies Highliters 4 pk
.99cents for the 2 pk of Expo Markers
.29cents for Wexford 3×5 Index Cards
.29cents for Protractor, 6 in
.69cents for Wexford Poly Binder, 1 in
.69cents for Compositon Book 80 sheet
.99cents for Soho Clear Box
.69cents for Wexford Jr. Legal Pads, 3 pk.
.99cents for 24 Crayola Crayons
.99cents for Fiskars School Scissors, 5 in.
99cents for Fiskar Sharpener
.99cents for 96 sheets for Constrution paper
.99 cents for Wexford Dry Easer Makers 4 pk
99cents for Wexford #2 pencils 20 ct
.99cents for poly compostion paper, 100 ct
.99cents for Bic Crystal Pens, 8 -10 ct


Wexford Binder, 1 – 3 inch are B1G1
Backpacks are $3.99 (reg $5)
Carolina Pad School Supplies are B1G1
Mini Stapler is $1.99

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