Summer Infant Prodigy Car Seat Review


What is the most important part of a car seat to you? To me the first thing I think of is safety so when I heard about the Summer Infant Prodigy Car Seat I was more than excited to review it.   Since 7 out of 10 car seats are not installed correctly it makes you wonder a lot about if your car seat is or not but, with this car seat you will never have to have that question it.  So you are now thinking what makes the Summer Infant Prodigy Car Seat not question that thought.  Here is the reason why you won’t question it anymore: Summer Infant Prodigy Car Seat has smart screen technology and a revolutionary belt tightening system that makes car seat safety easy..  The belt tightening system is great because you never have to retread the straps because all you do is pull the strap on the bottom to make tighter and then push the button to make looser.  So how does the smart screen technology work you are wondering right now?  So what happens is the screen gives you steps to follow and if it isn’t done correctly it will give you a red triangle alert then when it is tight enough correctly it will give you a happy (green) face.  It also does it for the car seat being correctly level. Here is picture of the booklet to show you more.



Here is a great video about the Summer Infant Prodigy Car Seat

The car seat goes from 4lbs to 32lbs

Then  up to 32in tall-

Please remember that

 Summer Infant and the American

Academy of Pediatrics recommends

keeping children rear-facing for AS LONG

AS POSSIBLE.  It is best for children to

ride rear-facing to the highest weight or

height allowed by the manufacturer.

So now that you know about the car seat why don’t I give you my review of the car seat personally.


I got the car seat and loved that it was neutral gender in the color. I noticed that it was a very well made not of the pieces where loose or made me question the choice.  The smart screen technology revolutionary comes with the 3 AAA batteries that it requires to work.  The fabric that comes with the Summer Infant Prodigy Car Seat was very nice and cushioned.  It also has the newborn cushioning for when you first have your baby.  So we went outside to install the Summer Infant Prodigy Car Seat in my car.  It was very nice because while you are installing you are not struggling with making sure it was tight enough factor, you just watch the smart screen technology and it will let you know if you when it is it correctly.  So after installed we tried it out and the belt tightening system was the best part of the car seat because don’t have to do anything about pull the strap or press the bottom and release it to loosen the straps for your baby has more room since it is growing so rapidly.  So after testing the car seat out in my car for over 10 days I tested the smart screen technology out every couple of days to see how it would work after driving with it and each time I noticed the same thing it was telling me that it was great.  So I didn’t have to worry about if I had the car seat in correctly.


So overall my personal review of Summer Infant Prodigy Car Seat was that it was very important for the first time parents and even second or third time parents.  The smart screen technology is beyond amazing because it takes that concern out of your mind about your babies’ safety, or even if you do you can double check very easily. Then the other part which I loved was the belt tightening system because it made adjusting the straps as easy as one two three. So if you are in the market for a new car seat make sure you check out the Summer Infant Prodigy Car Seat here or even at Toys’R’Us where they do sell also.  If you want to know more about what Summer Infant sells or upcoming products follow them on Facebook or Twitter.

This review was given to Coupons and Freebies in TX for her personal honest option of the product.  If you have any questions about the product feel free to email Summer Infant or Coupons and Freebies in TX.