Sodee Natural Review

Do you believe in all natural products in your house?  I know in my house we do. So when I got the chance to review for Sodee Naturals I was very excited.  They are a company that sells a variety of different products which are all natural.  The one they are most proud of is the eczema line which comes in 5 different choices to pick from.  Than they also have other lines which I will tell you more about each one in my review of each of them.  They are the body butter, shampoo bars, hair conditions, shaving cream, shea scrubs and the bars of soap.



Review–  Quite a few amazing products to tell you about.




The first one I will tell you about is Body Butter line, there are 6 different scents to choice from, and I picked the tropical breeze.  The body butter is all natural like all of their products.  When I opened the package I noticed amazing smell which made me feel just like I was at the ocean.  So I enjoyed the smell so much I had to put it on my body, so I got about a nickel size and rubbed in my hands and arms.   The first thing I noticed was that lotion was not oily and the smell lasted on my skin hours after the applied.


Now on to the shaving cream which works great and has the smell of like Spearmint Eucalyptus was my next product I tried out.  I used it on my legs, it comes in jar and I got a dime amount on my hand then applied it to my leg.  The first thing I noticed was that was my legs didn’t seem to have enough cream on them but after I ran my razor over my legs I noticed it was plenty of cream.  The best part of the all-natural cream and hair cleaned off my razor very easy compared to regular shave cream. My legs felt very moist and hydrated after my shower.


The next product I used was the Amla Hair Builder Shampoo bar and the Pomegranate Hair Conditioning Bar.  The Amla and Pomegranate go well together so I picked them; they are all-natural made with Amla oil which is used to help treat hair and scalp.  Also it has been claimed it will reverse abnormal hair loss.  So at 24, Josh is starting to lose his hair and when he saw this choice out of all the others they have he made me get it.  So what is nice about the product is they give instructions about how to use how to store between uses.  So Josh used the shampoo bar and conditioner bar for 2 weeks and we both agree his hair does not look as thin.  He says the both products lather up great and makes his hair feel clean.


The last product I reviewed for them was Dark Beer Soap, yes I did say beer and soap together.  So you might be saying why would someone might a beer soap the reason why is because hops has many means to help your body.  Did you know hops is an anti-inflammatory or to make you relax?  So I got this soap and it did smell like beer really like beer.  So I got Josh to try it out because with him an auto mechanic he gets random cuts and swelling from using his hands on cars all day.  So now the soap has disappeared from my house and is his everyday work soap, I have noticed his hands do look a lot less swollen on this cuts and he says they don’t feel has painful after work anymore.  I did ask him about the beer smell he says you can smell the beer smell for about 3-5 minutes after he washes his hand but it fades away but not the amazing benefits.



So now that you have read about the amazing lines that Sodeemakes you should go check them out on their site found here.  Also I noticed before I posted this everything is 14% because of Valentine’s Day. They also have a facebook and twitter site you can check out and like to see future promotions.

 I do recommend this company for everyone and anyone if you believe in all-natural or not because the products do work amazing.  I hope you enjoyed the review.