Sodee Eczema Cream Review and Giveaway

WINNER IS —- Danielle M.

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Do you believe in all natural products in your house?

I know in my house we do. So when I got the chance to review for Sodee Naturals I was very excited.  They are a company that sells a variety of different products which are all natural.  The one they are most proud of is the eczema line which comes in 5 different choices to pick from.  Than they also have other lines which I will tell you more about each one in my review of each of them.  They are the body butter, shampoo bars, hair conditions, shaving cream, shea scrubs and the bars of soap.

I have reviewed the rest of there line here, if you would like read about the other products they sell.


This is the review of the Eczema Cream Line

Coupons and Freebies in TX, gave me the awesome opportunity to review Sodee Naturals Eczema skin protectants for her since she does not have eczema and wanted a honest review of the Eczema skin cream.   I have suffered from facial eczema for some time now and have had an extremely difficult time getting any over the counter products to reduce the scaly, red, and itchy patches especially near my eyebrows.  Until now, I have relied mostly on steroid treatments to reduce my symptoms, so when I got the opportunity to try natural products I was all on board.  The products to treat eczema were amazing.  They have four different varieties available:  Original, Lanolin-free, Anti-itch, and Seabuckthorn heavy cream.  I had the opportunity to try all four different creams and applied them according to the directions (twice a day).  I found the Seabuckthorn cream best suited for nighttime use because of its yellow color and extra thick consistency.  It worked very well at clearing patches of dry skin I had on my face.  The cream I preferred the most was the anti-itch cream because it contains calamine lotion and provides relief if you have any problems with itchy skin due to eczema.  The original and lanolin-free creams also seemed to clear up my skin amazingly well and I was incredibly happy with the results.  Overall, I loved the products because they offered a more natural approach to dealing with eczema and was very happy with the results.  To purchase Sodee Naturals products visit:







Now they are giving one of my followers a chance to win the Eczema Cream ($25 dollar value)





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