Problem Solvers Two Tier Cat Bed Review/Giveaway

WINNER IS Jeanna Pelton

So have you ever heard of Problem Solvers?  If not then now you will now.  They are part of the Plow & Hearth Family of Brands which has been around for 26 years.   I was given the chance to review one of their products which I will tell you about in a minute. They have many different products they sell, which includes organization, indoor, outdoor, well-being, pet solutions, tools & gadgets and gift center.  They were awarded a Stella Award in July 2011 for having such a great site. You can click here to see there award.  What is great about Problem Solvers is that if you ever run across any problems you can give them a call on the toll-free number to chat with a person about your issue.  Also you can find them on facebook and twitter.


Now on to my review-   I got the chance to review a Two-Tier Cat Bed which is now on sale for $78.99 to find the item make sure you look in the Pet Solutions section.

The bed is 24-3/4″L x 18″W x19-1/2″H


So the box came and it was a HUGE box I must say but the reason why is because everything is already assembled for you.  The pillows for the top and bottom beds are placed in the bottom tier of the bed and wrapped up in plastic wrap.  So all I had to do was take the bed out of the box and unwrap the pillows and I was done.   I looked the Two-Tier Cat Bed over a few times and noticed that the quality was very well built and sturdy for my cat for sure.  So I put the bed in the kitchen area of our house to see how it would work.  Within an hour our dog was in the bed and feel in love with it.  I couldn’t believe it, when the cat came to check the bed out the dog was like nope mine so I guess the Two-Tier Cat Bed could be for either a dog or cat.  Our dog even got in the bottom tier of the bed when it was too bright for him out so he could block the extra light.  So overall the Two-Tier Cat Bed came in handy and was very much loved in our house by our dog. 

So now that you know about the Problem Solvers and there amazing product that 

I got to review for them.  Check them out on facebook, twitter or website.  Also I have been given the chance to give one of my fans the same thing I have just reviewed.  The only thing is that you must have a US address to enter.  So feel free to enter below and on April 7th I will pick a winner and email them to claim the prize.

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