Oven Roasted Corn on the Cob

So let’s talk cheap summer food.

One of them is corn we can get all day long for .15-25 cents each
and it is a perfect side. So I love corn on the cob but hate to go outside to cook. So I learned a way from my friend on how to cook inside and it is just as good as on the grill. So here goes the recipe and how to cook.

Grab up to 6- 8 ears. Turn on the oven to 375 and let it preheat. Get them wet and clean them make sure you peel back the skin and there are no bugs inside. Once you have cleaned them you will simple place then corn in the stove on the rack you don’t want to touch you will have them spaced on rack apart. Next, close the door and cook for 30 minutes. Next you will simply remove corn from oven. Corn is done when it gives a little beneath the husk when you squeeze it.

Next go get your butter, salt and pepper and EAT away. It will be so good you might want to grab a second one. I know I always cook one for dinner and one for the next day too.

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