Anatomic Sleeping Pillow Review from Technogel

Technogel Sleeping Pillows can let you sleep like a baby again. The Technogel ® pillow was made in Italy and has been made to give you cool feeling while giving you the comfort you want from a pillow. The Technogel layers are joined with memory foam that help adjust the pillow to your shape. To see the full results of the pillow you will need to try out the pillows for at least 2-3 weeks before you can say it does or doesn’t work.

My personal review-
As many of true followers know my fiancee is having really bad back issues right now so he has been slacking on his sleep lately because of the pain he has been having. So when we got to review the Anatomic pillow that is recommended for neck, back and/or shoulder pain I was more than excited to see if this could help the sleeplessness nights. So we did a notepad of day by day results and after day 4, he started to notice he was sleeping a little more a night but he did love the comfort the pillow brought him. Then after day 11 we noticed that we went from him sleeping 4-5 hours a night to him sleeping 8-9 hours of sleep without hurting every night when he moved he made or when he would roll over. Last night we finally got to day 16 and I must say that he wakes up feeling better and gets more rest now than he did before his back pain started up. The Technogel has made a difference for our family more than I could ever expect from a pillow.

Check out the Technogel website to see the other great products they sell, you won’t regret. Also make sure you check out there facebook and twitter page for amazing updates and to learn about new products they have coming out. Then since they are a great company they have nicely given me the chance to let one of you win a pillow from the site. Enter below for your chance to win your very own pillow.

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  1. I won a pillow similar to this in the doctor oz giveaway earlier this year. Mine has this purple gel stuff in it and it’s the most comfortable pillow I’ve ever used! Helps me feel fully rested and never goes flat!


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