Learn how to stick to a food budget


Each day I get messages about how do you save on food.  How do you know what the best deal to get is?  How do you meal plan and does it really save you money?


Here are a few tricks I have learned and thought you might like.

  • Sunday I get  list of meals I can make with my last week groceries
  • Add items I will need to make a complete meal
  • Tuesday I look at the ad and see what meat is cheap
  • I get a list of cheap meats then go to my pantry and pair up items if I can.
  • Also I ALWAYS LOOK AT THE Meal deal because if it is worth getting I will get.  Its one less meal plan I have to have.
  • Next I look and see what I don’t have sides for and then I look at the ad and come up with a few more side.
  • After all that I look at snacks and breakfast foods.  I normally have cereal for my family but thats not always fun so I look for cheap things to add to it during the week.
  • When I get to the store I have a meat list ready
  • plus I have a veggie and fruit list
  • Next I have my “aisles” list
  • My weekly breakdown is $15 on meat, $10 on fruit and veggies and $15 on sides.

I simply for a family of 3 I keep my bill to $40 a week at MOST for ONLY groceries.  So to keep myself to that budget each month I get a gift card for $160 and whatever is left is my “fun money” for really nice dinner or something I have been wanting.

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