HEB Brand Soda Steal with HEB Cheese Puffs!


Here is a readers deal

Melissa Wood Walizer -Best day ever at Heb- bought 6-12 packs of Heb soda so I could use $5 off $15 for soda coupon plus with every Heb soda bought you get free bag of Heb- cheese balls/cheese puffs. So for $11.02 plus tax get 6-12 packs and 6 bags of chips.

So here is the easier breakdown –
Grab (6) 12 packs of Heb Soda  ($16.02)
use (1) $5.00 off $15 HEB Printable Coupon
Grab (6) bags of HEB Brand- cheese balls/cheese puffs for FREE with yellow in store coupon

Before coupons $27.90
Final Price- $11.02 or .91cents each item!

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